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Your holiday at the Montafon vitality hotel, the Kristberg Panoramagasthof

Health and recreation programme with true deep and longterm effect

Many of our body functions cease with time without us even noticing it. Bioenergetic techniques activate the body's self-regulating forces and result in a holistic health concept for body, soul and mind. The Kristberg Panoramagasthof is the first address when it comes to spa for soul in the Montafon. Especially Jürgen and Karin will gladly accompany you on your way to holistic vitality.

Iced waterfall in the Montafon region in Austria
Force of nature in the Montafon region

How we support you

Purpose of your balance holiday at the Montafon health hotel, the Kristberg Panoramagasthof, could be the recovery of the energetic balance in your organism. Harmonising your energies will provide you with longterm and holistic health and enhanced wellbeing.

During your vitality holiday in Vorarlberg you can undertake a body detox with professional guidance, you can ease mental and emotional blockades or overcome deep-rooted anxieties. This can be achieve with the QTM method amongst others.

What is QTM?

QTM means quantum-field therapy and methods and stands for the treatment with a radionics device (crystal pendulum). QTM is only one method for bioenergetic regeneration and also focuses on the polarities of tolerances. Your body is in constant interaction with your surroundings and other energetic influences.

Profound & holistic

QTM works according to a profound concept. Physical afflictions are treated in the psyche – the source of many illnesses. From a QTM point of view blockades form on a subtle level (mind, soul, aura, …) and only become visible through the physical body – via illnesses.

QTM hits blockades, toxins and other disorders in the energy field on a subtle level with the whole “root” and harmonises them on an energetic level. This then results in positive effects on the body. These “toxins” are detected with biophysical measure techniques (pendulum, kinesiology, tensor, … ).

In order take the organism back to a healthy and harmonic balance four components are vital:

1. Body check

Fist your energy gates are examined with the pendulum or the tensor technique or with kinesiology to see if there are any blockades. Blockades have a negative effect on our health. Free energies only unfold their effects if you “ask” them to and if you activate them.

By drawing or projecting the appropriate symbols on the blockaded spots, they are balanced and reactivated. These symbols have a similar effect as globules or Bach flowers. Scars can be “de-blocked” with a “+”, the healing and de-blocking of fractures are supported with a horizontal “8”, etc.

2. Channelling of everyday toxins

In a healthy organism toxins are removed via the blood and the lymph system before they can attack the organs' cells and are stored in our system (in our fat tissue, in the brain, …).

But this system has its limits: If the system is congested with toxins then it can hardly react to outer stimuli and the organs' cells can just about be nurtured. This can result in chronic tiredness, migraine, problems with the metabolism, chronic illnesses, emotional disturbances, and more.

With the biophysical method of measurement toxins can be detected and removed from the organism with a special removal technique. 

3. Biochemical Components

In this process defects are tested and balanced with harmonising and natural means, methods and products. We at the holistically designed hotel on the Kristberg swear on the effective juice from the Aloe Vera plant.

The following electromagnetic components are also detected:

• Earth rays
• Water veins
• Signs of being geopathically stressed
• Electric smog
• Other radiation
• Water quality
• Water shortage
• etc.

These have to be detected and then corrected in order to help the self-regulating forces.

For a holistic and longterm coverage of all afflictions the Montafon health experts recommend the use of the AMANDA pyramid. It supports personal development on a mental and emotional level – our so called vital energies (love energy, consciousness energy and harmony energy).

4. The Psycho Meridian

With especially persistent and returning problems we recommend to have a deeper look into the subconscious mind in order to integrate the psychological components into the solution. This is especially effective with anxiety, constipation, allergies and chronic pain because these afflictions are often nurtured by the so called primal root.

The deep cause of your problem is detected via the psycho-meridian technique and is neutralised with self-medication.

Your vitality stay on the Austrian Alps

Are you interested in alternative healing methods that are offered at your Montafon feel-good hotel, the Kristberg Panoramagasthof? Or du you have a special problem that you want to solve with us? Then do not hesitate to contact us with a no obligation holiday enquiry or just tell us your wishes by telephone +43 (0)5556/72290


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