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Power places on the Kristberg

Natural zones of positive energy on the Alps 

The Montafon holiday region and especially the Kristberg are located perfectly when it comes to geomancy on the Austrian Alps. It is a magical part of the Alps full of legends and mystical mountain world. Strong energies and forces could be felt around the Kristberg Panoramagasthof on the Kristberg.

“Even if I'm on the Kristberg only for a couple of days, I feel relaxed as if I had been here for a 2 week holiday” (a Kristberg guest)

Natural waterfalls at the Montafon region in Austria
Natural waterfalls in Austria

What are power places

Power places can be geological, but they can also be found in buildings, mostly churches and monasteries. Inner places of power can be visited during meditation journeys or during relaxing exercises.
Spiritually sensitive people can feel dense or concentrated “universal vital energy” at historic cult places.

Recharge your batteries with vital energy during a holiday in Austria

The power places on the Kristberg were created with geomantic zones; the energy potential was then in 2006 reactivated and harmonised by the Kristberg team with supports of their friends. All 12 energy levels were balanced with the harmonising technique and the Amanda energy pyramid. This way natural power place was even intensified:

Power places on the Kristberg

A total of 3 natural energy and power places can be found on the Kristberg as well as various energetic stone formations that have been created within the last yeast. Try it and take in the positive energy of these natural power places.

1st Stone Formation 2006

Prehistoric alignment on the Kristberg

The alignment is believed to be about 3,000 years old and is located a bit underneath the Panoramagasthof on the Kristberg. In 2006 the place was rehabilitated by Eric Tschopp, Dorothe Wallenting, Rebecca & Jonas as well as Jürgen Zudrell  with the harmonising technique and the Amanda energy pyramid. 14 stones were placed in a natural L-shape.

The stone formation activates the 12 leylines and creates 12 thoughts, that are only active on the Kristberg. These are: free, flexible and heroic. The purpose of these 12 thoughts is “Perfection”.

  • Things to know: leylines are pulsating meridians of vigour, that connect landscapes, cities, cult places, churches, etc. You can recharge your batteries especially well on these meridians.

Further reactivating prehistoric power places that emit very unique energies:

  • Hochjoch: preserve, earth & enable
  • Hugel: be rich, essential & fulfilled


Earth meridian crossing

The stones on the Hugel are aligned in a tetrahedron-shape. The purpose of this formation is to save all positive thoughts and energies created by the stone alignment and formation in the Earth's crust.

Together with two other alignments in Affoltern on the Albis (Switzerland) and on the Rigi (Switzerland) this creates an energetic tetrahedron.

Mother Earth Stone

The Mother Earth Stone can also be found on the Hugel and creates the intense female energy field “All-embracing love”. The alignment is located on the diffusion point of both opposing peaks (Sennigrat) and has thusly a very special and strong emission and energy.

The Phenomenon Place

This place is located on the Kristbergsattel and emits powerful “phenomenon” information. Here you will find inner peace and a great place of meditation. The alignment is located directly on one of the three naturally developed power places on the Kristberg.

The Efficiency Place

A bit below the Kristberg Panoramagasthof, right at the first alignment a place can be found that emits the powerful “efficiency” information. Stand on the stone in the middle and experience how your concentration and capacity is enhanced.

The 3 obelisks

The 2nd natural power place emits the “direttamento / straight” information. With it our mental helpers can be activated more easily and directly and the self-regulating forces are stimulated.

 The Water Stone

The water stone supports “pure” thoughts and is located close to our spring of water. The stone weighs about 1.5 tons and is made of granite. Because of the constellation the whole area of about 200m² has been harmonised.

Energy and harmonising pyramid on the Kristberg

On the 3rd and strongest power place you will find our stone pyramid. It provides harmony and boost for 1 kilometres around it and has a positive effect on our self-regulating forces, but also a radi-aesthetic effect on our drinking water on the Kristberg. 

3rd extended alignment 2008

A bit below the Kristberg Panoramagasthof a third alignment was created in 2008 on the Ganzleita – it should enhance and balance the 3 components of vital energy (quantity, density & speed).

The latest AMANDS earth pipe was used that maximises the power of all 3 components. At this moment 4 of these pipes are active on the Kristberg.

Stone formations:

• The Sonnenstein (Sun Stone)
• The Inhale and Exhale Point
• The Inwards and Outward Spin-Point (behind the Water Stone)
With the thoughts: “letting go” & “locate”

These descriptions only give a short overview over the many power places on the Kristberg and their versatile energetic effect on us. Experience, sense and feel yourself what changes in you and enjoy an undisturbed surrounding with the use of Amanda technology, where body and soul can totally relax.

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