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Your balance holiday at the Montafon hotel, the Kristberg Panoramagasthof

Health, indulgence and self-regulation offers by the Kristberg therapy team

During a holiday in the Montafon spa for the soul awaits you. Apart from the usual offers by other spa hotels, the team of therapists on the Kristberg also offers alternative healing methods and holistic health concepts.
Experience the perfect symbiosis of enjoying & indulgence based on holistic health concepts.

In order for your body to be able to handle the constant confrontation with information, bad diet and unhealthy radiation (electric smog) it needs relaxing and recreational periods every now and then. Without this peace the immune system is weakened and you feel unwell or even become ill.

Vitalisation & detox on the Kristberg

The Montafon team of therapists around Jürgen and Karin provide various useful tip for self-healing. A detox and vitalisation holiday on the Kristberg additionally offers you treatments for metabolism regulation, the removal of blockades and strengthening of the immune system.

Get information on the indulgence and health packages at the Kristberg Panoramagasthof.

Family constellation and line of ancestors on the Kristberg

In our society the family stands for the smallest and most important form of “togetherness”. If there is a lovingly togetherness and relationship for and with each other within the family then this will change our society and humanity for the better.

We offer family constellations on the Kristberg and also help you activate the positive energies of your ancestors.

During this kind of family constellation YOU yourself arrange your family members and their ancestors. We think that this offers you the best chance of success, understanding and inner peace.

Goodbye migraine & headache

Do you suffer from headache and migraine attacks? Together with the Kristberg team of therapists we will detect the deep-rooted reasons and triggers for the pain and treat them with special, holistic methods:

• Regulation of the hormonal balance
• Release energy blockades
• Strengthening the immune system
• Useful tips for self-healing (acupressure, energy plates, Schüßler cell salts, special diet for bowl cleanse, liver and bile cure, small bowel and large bowel cure, decalcification of the vessels and the blood, blood count, enhancing your energy level, … )

Painless back

The back is always a barometer for our lifestyle and life's work and quickly shows when we do not walk on our predetermined paths and should change something. If you ignore the clear signs then what starts as tiny afflictions can soon become a disc prolapse or chronic back pain and the like.

Interventions with the Kristberg team of therapists:

• Regulation of the energy gates
• Remedial massages
• Release of energy blockades
• Strengthening the immune system
• Useful tips for self-healing (cover with amber-poppy flower-oil, mullein tincture, Schüßler cell salts, Seelizin Sonnen-globules, Aloe Vera Freedom, relaxing and detox baths, …)

For the holism of your back we recommend:

AtlasPROfilax® Method
An atlas correction can lead to the true unfolding of your full potential. We, the Zudrell family and some of our team members have had their first vertebra (atlas vertebra) corrected by the Atlasprof® Robert Baum and continue visiting him. If you want to get further information then click here. Certified Atlasprof® therapists that offer this treatment are amongst others Bernhard and Ingrid Hammerer.

Spine-regulation according to Pjotr Elkunoviz
In only one treatment you will experience – without one single touch – a mental spine regulation, shoulder blade straightening and pelvis correction with sustainable leg-length correction. Find upcoming treatment dates at your Montafon feel-good hotel on the Kristberg in our seminar offers.

Perfect in your own virtue & energy

Are you ready to live your own and true life here and now? To let go of your past, your blockades, your destructive thought patterns, …? The engaged and sensitive team of therapists in the middle of the Austrian Alps offers you a great range of alternative healing methods in order to accompany you on your way to freedom.

The right time to take your life in your own hands is always now. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry and do not hesitate to tell us your wishes.


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