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The legend of Bishop Theodul

The legend of bishop Theodul
The legend of bishop Theodul

The devil with the bell

The legend says that the bishop Theodul once met a group of rollicking devils on one of his walks … 

The bishop asked the devils for the reason of their delight and they answered that in Rome the pope would be about to succumb to temptation in this very moment and if that was the case the devils' force will rise.

The bishop was terrified and said that if he was in Rome he could save the pope's soul. According to the legend the confident devils themselves carried him to Rome to convince him that his intentions are useless. 

Theodul in Rome

But the bishop Theodul managed to save the pope from temptation and as a sign of his gratitude the pope gave him a precious bell that the devils had to carry home for him to  Wals.

This is why St. Theodul's  emblem is the devil with the bell.

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