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The legend of the St. Agatha Chapel

small but popular church of the miners at the Kristberg
St. Agatha chapel at the Kristberg

Redemption of a promise

The little church on the Kristberg was built by miners at the beginning of the 15th century and is considered to be the Montafon's oldest church. 

Legend has it that exactly where today's chapel is located once was a shaft or a tunnel that one day collapsed and buried some of the miners. In desperation and not knowing what else to do the buried miners started to pray to their patron St. Agatha. They promised to build a chapel in her honour if they escaped the tunnel alive. 

The rescue of the miners was successful and they kept their promise and built the St. Agatha Chapel exactly where they got out of the tunnel. 

Tours through the Agatha church

If you want to visit the little church on the Kristberg and learn more about the mining and the circumstances for the miners as well as the time of the miners in Silbertal, then we recommend an authentic tour through the miner's chapel with the “flute player from the Kristberghof”

Adolf Zudrell accompanies his interesting stories about former times with Montafon folk music played on his recorder. After the tour it gets all cosy and comfortable when you return to Vorarlberg's superior-culture hotel – the Kristberg Panoramagasthof – where delicious cuisine and the recreational spa area are waiting for you during your holiday on the Austrian Alps. 

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