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Stories & legends around the Montafon

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Legends from the Kristberg
The legendary Montafon region in the Austrian Alps

For you entertainment and to raise the anticipation to your holiday on the Kristberg you will find 5 thrilling legends from the mining period on the Kristberg on this page. The long history around the Kristberg is mainly based on the mining era and linked 600-year St. Agatha miner's chapel.

The Austrian Alps are full of legends and mystic tales of witches, devils, vows and the like.

Legends: the folk culture in Austria

The legends are mainly based on oral tradition and are thusly very similar to fairytales. They are short, mythical tales that often sound like true stories because real people, places and events are adapted with fictional elements. The legend's authors are mostly unknown and the subject matters as well as the motives are often taken from other cultures and mixed with local traits of the landscape or the times.

Legends spread like Chinese whispers and can therefore differ from place to place and from narrator to narrator.

Legends around the Kristberg

The long history of the population on and around the Kristberg makes for a lot of good legends for the locals.

During a holiday on the Kristberg you will have the opportunity to experience the thrilling legends and stories from the Montafon. Performed on the open air stage in Silbertal or told by the “flute player from the Kristberg” during a tour through the St. Agatha chapel.

On the following pages you can dive into the Montafon world of legends.

5 legends from the Kristberg:

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