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“Sieben Brünna” Kneipp facilities

Kneipp water therapy during your holiday on the Kristberg in the Montafon

After a hot summer's day there is no better refreshment than a walk through the cold Kneipp pool. But actually: the Kneipp water therapy is healthy all year round not just in summer; something that the eponym, Vicar Sebastian Kneipp, knew already 100 years ago. 

Holistic refreshment

The “Sieben Brünna” Kneipp facilities are located at 1,450 metres above sea level, about 3km east of the Montafon Kristberg cable car mountain station.

The Kneipp facilities offers the perfect refreshment for tired hiking legs and are also great for children.

The Kneipp water therapy is healthy

Water provides a great healing effect. The Kneipp water-stepping has various positive effects on your health and helps you to a stress-free and more balanced life. The Kneipp water therapy improves various afflictions:

  • Circulation problems
  • Migraine 
  • Asthma 
  • Bronchitis 
  • Insomnia 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Menopause afflictions …

During the Kneipp water therapy the immune system is strengthened and toughened for the upcoming weeks.


If it is done the right way water-stepping stimulates the circulation and you will be less prone to colds. Walk through the Kneipp pool doing the so called “stork walk”, but no longer than 30-60 seconds.

Arm bath

Put both arms in the cold water for about 15-30 seconds; the arm bath has a refreshing and relaxing effect and is supposed to help with heart diseases.

The following applies to both treatments:

  • Not recommended if you have cold arms or legs
  • Stop immediately if you feel a strong chill during the treatment 
  • After the treatment gently wipe off the water and immediately move around a bit

Enjoy your hike around the Kristberg to the fullest and indulge in the unique refreshment at the Kneipp facilities along the way; a great way of taking a break. A no obligation holiday enquiry will get you closer to your hiking summer on the Austrian Alps – at the Kristberg Panoramagasthof. The indulgence team will immediately respond with a great holiday offer for you.


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