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Remedial massages at the Kristberg Panoramagasthof

Recreation for body, mind & soul

Trained in Reiki, bioenergetic regeneration, Harmologie® and Kinesiology, Karin Zudrell will provide you with holistic recreation during your holiday. Karin also has a certified degree in remedial massage and remedial bath therapy.

Special massages

A a certified remedial massage therapist Karin concentrates on enhancing the inner balance of body, mind and soul during every massage.

• Classic remedial massages
• Foot reflexology
• Tissue massage
• Lymphdrainage

Classic remedial massage

Remedial massages are holistic therapy forms and have a soothing effect on the whole body. The focus is to “let go” of physical and mental tensions on one hand and the harmony between body, mind and soul on the other.

Holistic effect:

  • The blood flow in the skin is stimulated and a rejuvenating effect can be seen.
  • The muscles are provided with fresh nutrients, metabolites are purged. The muscle performance is improved.
  • Joint pain are eased and the synovia production is stimulated.
  • The cardiovascular system is stimulated. The cardiomuscular-rhythm is enhanced and the pulse balanced out.
  • The lymph transport is stimulated
  • The metabolism is stimulated and the result is a healthy purge.
  • The nerve system and the body's energies Yin & Yang are balanced and stimulated. 

Foot reflexology

We can be compared to a tree in many respects. Our “live and regeneration powers” run through our feet and reflect the whole organism.

The foot reflexology is one of the reflection massage technique. The point by point massage of the nerve endings in the foot influences the connected organs, teeth and muscles. The blood circulation in the feet is enhanced. Warm feet help, amongst other things, with insomnia.

The treatment also has a relaxing effect and help the nerve system to unwind.

Tissue massage

The tissue massage is also one of the reflection massage techniques. Segments of the nerve system is influenced via skin stimulation.

Lymph drainage

The lymph drainage is one of the manual massage techniques and influences the blood vessel system.

  • Tissue drainage: a fresh nutrition for the tissue is enabled, because the drainage gets rid of the deposits, which are transported via the lymph. “Deposits” means water fortified with  pollutants and protein.
  • Stimulation of the lymph nodes: the lymph are shoved on with gentle exertion of pressure.
  • The self-regulating forces in the body are strengthened and the immune system is activated.
  • The lymph drainage is also used for cosmetic effects: bags under eyes, wrinkles, skin renewal, …


Massages Price List
Massage type Duration of the treatment Price
Full Body Massage 60 min € 85.00
Foot Reflexology Massage 40 min € 60.00
Back Massage 40 min € 60.00
Partial Massage 20 min € 40.00
Connective Tissue Massage 30 min € 50.00
Lymph Drainage Massage 30 min € 50.00
Reiki Treatment 40 min € 60.00
Hot Stone Massage (Whole Body) 60 min € 95.00
Hot Stone Massage (Back) 40 min € 70.00

Karin Zudrell, certified massage therapist and therapeutic pool attendant, foot reflexology treatment, connective tissue massage - Silbertal in Montafon, Massage and Therapy in the mountains, in the Alps in Austria.


Do you have the feeling that you have gotten out of balance and do you not feel like yourself lately? We recommend an indulgence appointment on the Kristberg. The easiest way is to make an appointment with your no obligation holiday enquiry.


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