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Energy boosters: Kristberg life's bliss

A different energy plant: the AMANDA pyramid

The Montafon holiday region and especially the area around your hotel in a very special locations, the Kristberg Panoramagasthof, show an outstanding recreational value. There have always been positive energies here that are enhanced by the unique panoramic views, the intact alpine flora and fauna as well as by the Kristberg locals.

In order to spiritually enhance the harmonic atmosphere on the power place in the middle of the Austrian Alps even further, we at the Panoramagasthof have made some energetic improvements. One of these was the construction of the AMANDA pyramid close to your holiday hotel on the Kristberg.

Our energy plant for an undisturbed surrounding

Every day our body is influenced by various radiations. Technology (radio, telephones, …), water veins, earth faults, electromagnetic fields and the like act as interfering fields and have a negative effect on our organism. This can lead to insomnia, tiredness or various illnesses.

Holistic purity

In order to offer our guests an undisturbed atmosphere on the Kristberg, Vorarlberg's retreat, where you can fully dedicate yourself on healing and reactivating your inner strength, we have built the AMANDA pyramid for you. In its globular power field it arranges subtle energy flows and neutralises even the strongest technical disruptions, like the ones emitted by power lines, TV and mobile phone towers or even nuclear power plants.

The power of the AMANDA pyramid penetrates all materials, levels as well as the absolute BEING. The pulsation of the vital energy can be optimised via the Amanda pyramid from medium (50) to very high (100) and the Bovis unit is also enhanced from 9,000 to 120,000 (October 2007).

Supporting healing processes

The AMANDA pyramid profoundly supports healing processes and regulates disturbed energy flows in the body – this stimulates the self-regulation forces. The pyramid's neutralisation adds yet another positive effect to other therapies and remedies that are also offered at your vitality hotel in the Kristberg.

AMANDA energy products

Have you already experienced the positive effects of the AMANDA products and now want to neutralise your home as well and protect it from radiation? All AMANDA products are available at our hotel on the Kristberg. We have been distributor for the AMANDA energy products since 2004.

Get closer to the undisturbed and positive surrounding on the Kristberg and enjoy the improvement of your vital energy with a no obligation holiday enquiry. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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